Mini Rose Hack- Cake Decorating Tutorial

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Mini Rose Hack- Cake Decorating Tutorial

This technique literally cuts the rose-making time in half. No baking paper prepping, no waiting for the flowers to harden in the freezer- in this technique, I simply piped directly onto the sugar sticks, and pressed them into the cake 🙂 these lollies are called FADS. They were a childhood favorite of mine and still taste delicious! I broke mine in half so that there was only a little section of the candy pressed into the cake. You will notice it doesn’t dig too far into the cake, since the rose takes up the section at the top, and the buttercream on the cake makes up for another half a centimeter of depth again. It is edible though, and if the receiver of that particular slice doesn’t want to eat it, it’s easy to pick out of the cake anyway. Each to their own though! I know this method might be a little odd for some, but it is SOO satisfying to put together 😉

If you prefer not to use this method, you can simply pipe the flowers onto baking paper and freeze them for a few hours. This will allow you to handle them and stick them to the cake with some buttercream as glue. Enjoy!

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