How to Make Chocolate Lace Cake Wraps

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How to Make Chocolate Lace Cake Wraps

In another video post, I showed you how to make chocolate lace doilies for dressing up ordinary dessert plates. Are you ready now to take lace to the next level? Great! I thought so! Here, I demonstrate how to stand lace on end and wrap it around plain ol’ iced cakes to lend extra pizzazz. As it turns out, wrapping is also a handy way to conceal any minor icing flaws – that is, if you ever happen to have any! 😉


I prefer to use a premium couverture chocolate because its relatively high cocoa butter content gives it great flow-ability and mouth-feel. Brands I most often use are Callebaut, Valrhona, Ghirardelli, and Guittard. I avoid the usual store-bought brands like Nestle and Hershey’s, as well as candy melts, as they don’t flow as well and are more waxy due to non-cocoa butter fat substitutes. They also set a lot faster, which may make it harder to pipe the entire lace piece before it hardens.


To minimize chocolate breakage, I use a hot knife (heated in the flame on my stovetop) to cut these cakes. Even so, some breakage is likely to occur – that’s just the nature of piped chocolate! But I make the best of it by using the pretty chocolate shards as plate garnish. And no worries about the underlying icing – once exposed, it will still look quite neat.

Video of the recipe


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