Edible Jack O Lantern CAKE!

Spooky Halloween Baking

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Edible Jack O Lantern CAKE

How to bake delicious spooky cakes for the Halloween season! Start with classic chocolate cake recipes, layer on the Italian meringue buttercream, and get creative! Dyed homemade caramel can become slime fillings, brush on some luster dust for a bit of glam, use crushed Oreo crumbs to create the look of dirt in a graveyard cake. Strawberry or raspberry jam to create fake blood is also a baking classic!


  1. Zombie Arm Cake
  2. Elsa Cake “Frozen”
  3. Graveyard Roulette Cake
  4. Rotting Molar Cake
  5. Jack-O-Lantern Cake
  6. Haunted House Cake
  7. Stormtrooper Helmet Cake
  8. Black Cobweb Cake

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